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You certainly do and that's why the sites you subscribe to should offer some value besides a sales pitch.

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On the book horizon Connie will be blogging about what sparked her to write her various books and will also share tidbits about her research, Readers (and aren't all writers also readers?) will also be invited to participate in beta readings of upcoming books.

Getting connected with the Bootcamp (and Connie) through Facebook and Twitter can't be a bad thing and on occasion you may find something worthwhile in her posts.

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Connie Flynn

Your Instructor

Several hundreds students have gone through Connie Flynn's classrooms and online courses, and a number of them are published. Among them are local notables such Connie's critique partner Pam Tracy and her former business partner and longtime friend, Linda Style. Also Laurie Schnebly Campbell, Dawn Atkins and Shelley Coriel. Recently, Judith Grout, with her semi-biographical tale of a relative's trek across 1930s America as a teenaged girl. Not so local are Jennifer Hayward (her feedback is on the testimonial page), and Becky Lyle who both made spectacular use of what they learned at Bootcamp for Novelists Online.

Connie's Background:

Connie's Writing and Teaching Philosophy

"Imagination is the fulfilled authors greatest tool and the challenge for new writers is to find a market for your work without watering it down to the point it longer excites you. Easy to happen in this highly genre-ized world.

"While writing isn't always exciting (sorry to disappoint you newbies, I was once similarly disappointed) it can be made much more fulfilling when you manage your imagination and make the world fit to your story, rather than you fitting the story to the world.

"Yes, it can be done. but first you must learn the rules. Once you have, then you can break them to your heart's content and still rule your story world. Wouldn't that be lovely?"