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"I created a grocery list and a great start to a fiction story :-) . . . feel more confident about my writing. I recommend [ Connie's] course to others."
. . . Susan
"I never thought I could get past the idea stage and today I did! I feel several things – excited, and rich, confident, empowered, enlightened."
. . . Cyndi
"Connie is a great engaging presenter. I'm very glad I took the course. It has given me the ability to work through what was missing in [my] story. I recommend this course to others."
. . . Debbie

"I am much more empowered to write a full-length novel from beginning to end."
. . . Julia

"Great information. A joy of a workshop with like-minded smart people!"
. . . Vicki
"After class I came up with several key points to drive the story into high conflict. I'm . . . very excited now about my writing and [my] manuscript."
. . . Isabella
I made significant progress in moving my story forward . . . and have made valuable progress on my story and understanding the works underneath the work. Please put me on your mailing list.
. . . Sandra
. . . Connie's plotting workshop was well worth the price. . . Her insistence that all stories must have a truly evil character for tension and resolution got my current project off center and greatly improved the storyline.
. . . Cathie

I entered Harlequin's pitch contest and was chosen as one of the winners . . . this is such a boost for my confidence and so much due to you and Linda!
. . . Jennifer