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What will you get out the Open Entry/Open Exit program?

If you've decided to learn all you can about writing fiction, the Open Entry/Open Exit lets you do it on your own schedule.

You start with course packet number one, Creating Characters, then take the Coaching Option. Then move to Building Plot and its Coaching Option. Each course lays out the steps for an aspect of writing the novel (i.e., character, plot, etc.).

You can purchase the course and Coaching Option material at the same time and take as long as you like to digest the course. When you're ready for coaching you'll meet with Connie in person or by phone, depending on which works, and develop your writing program. You have six months from this date to complete your program.

The course material itself will teach you the basics of story structure—that's why it's called The Four Pillars—and contains quizes and exercise to help you apply what you learn. For many writers this is enough, but . And if you decide later that you want the Coaching Option, you can enroll then.

Which approach is best for you? That depends. If you're deeply committed to becoming a professional novelist, then taking the course and enrolling in the coaching will get you there faster. If you're still exploring what it takes to be a novelist, the course packets will help you reach that goal and, as always, you can sign up later.

Here are some basic facts.

  • NO SET SCHEDULE: You decide when to start and when to end. You read and study the quiz and exercise of each course packet (four lessons to a packet) then enroll in the feedback packet at your leisure.

  • OPEN ENTRY/OPEN EXIT: Order the Course Packet. Read and apply what you learned. If you then want to learn more, order the Feedback Packet, which will contain lessons and exercises that you'll send back for personalize feedback from Connie. If you revise from this feedback, you can resubmit for final feedback.

  • COMPREHENSION: You'll begin the Feedback Packet by analyzing your abilities with emphasis on overcoming your worst weakness and maximizing your best strength.

  • PERSONALIZED & PRIVATE: Your feedback will be one-on-one with in-depth comments on what is working and what is not is aimed for you, not for an entire course.

  • PRIVATE EMAIL: No mailing lists, no group replies. ALL communication is by private email. This is not a recreational online course. It's a private tutorial.

  • MORE INTENSE STUDY: You'll get more questions that challenge you to look deeper into the writing tools.