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What Connie's Students Have to Say . . .

Excited! Empowered!
Confident about
moving forward!

Some of the gains former students report getting from Connie Flynn's workshops and courses.

"I am learning so much from the whole class series and it's getting me interested in working on the story again."
. . . Darlene

"I've come up with solutions and story direction based on your insight. I'm definitely coming back for more because my hubby's promised me a trip to Hawaii for finishing my first manuscript:)."
. . . Mariam

"After class I came up with several key points to drive the story into high conflict. I'm . . . very excited now about my writing and [my] manuscript."
. . . Isabella


the BOOTCAMP is Back!

This Time You Get to Do it YOUR way

Choose Your Own Learning Schedule

Isn't one of the worst things about online courses the fact that you have to be there on certain dates to get the most out of them? Imagine the possibility of getting your course packets, studying them, then deciding if you want to get coaching right away or practice first, before moving forward. Or maybe you don't feel a need for coaching at all. If so, you can apply your course material straight out of the gate and begin you novel at a gallop. You can always change your mind later. This is why we established . . .

open entry/open exit

and why coaching can be purchased separately or as a complete package.

Now's the Perfect Time to Move Forward

You want to be a writer, right? It's been nagging you . . . Write that book, write that book. for much too long. Now you can get guidance from a seasoned novel writing professional and apply the material right away, even as you study.

If you're a former student, you can jump back in and refresh your skills,then because of the one-on-one feedback option, you get answers and information that address YOUR writing skill level, not that of an entire class. This means you'll never be held up or have to scramble to catch up.

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